Nothing like a sick Child, and the very beginning of this journey

Okay so by now my Un-Anniversary has come and passed. To be short the day and night was uneventful except for the fact that my youngest was terribly sick. Now she was not throwing up but a VERY ¬†high fever and really bad cold symptoms to go along with it. I must say that the day was not bad at all! It did get me thinking about my wedding day and then my age…

The Beginning:

So I met my Ex when we were just kids I was in 4th grade and he was in 5th, we lived in the same neighborhood but went to different schools (I went to a private school and he attended public). I have memories of playing jail tag with him and memories of him and his best friend chasing me and my best friend down the street while they pretended to be gladiators. So we really grew up together.

From the beginning I had a crush on him but he never thought twice about me until I was about 13 and that was only for about 2 days (maybe a sign I should have paid attention to). When he went to middle school (7th grade) we lost contact. Then 3 years later when I was a freshman in high school our paths crossed again. ErkkiandMegan05

Now this time I did not look like a little kid and immediately got his attention, which I gave back because that crush I had developed still existed, I was 15. We stated dating October of my Sophomore year and were married in October 4 years later, I was just 19.

To me my ex was everything and getting married young was what God wanted for me, I was so excited to start this new journey in my life and to build a life with him. My wedding day was a mixture of emotions I was so happy to be marrying this man but at the same time worried because I knew I was breaking my Mother’s heart. She did not agree with the marriage and on my wedding day actually told me I was ruining her life.

That day I felt so beautiful and it was perfect, it was a small wedding which is exactly what we wanted, I had my best friend there and if I had a maid of honor it would of been her. ErkkiandMegan25

I have no regrets about this day or even about getting married so young. I know when I first was faced with the divorce all I could think was “who would want to be with me? I have been married, divorced and have 2 kids by the time I am 28! Yeah I’m a real catch” but now I see getting married young as a blessing, I have two beautiful daughters who I wouldn’t give up for the world and a life already full of experiences. Plus I am still young enough to get remarried and celebrate a 30 year anniversary with someone!

To that young women who was married years ago I would say, yes the road will be tough but every decision you make will work out and even when the road gets hard you will learn to walk through it with your head high. So feel beautiful and soak up the day because that memory will always be cherished and it is that day that the children that you now hold so dear became a possibility.

A young women was married that day and 8 years later a mature women is the one who shook off the dust and began her new life again. It was not my first time staring over, it was not the first time that odds were against me but it was my first time stepping out alone and facing the unknown. I must say being at the other side of this “unknown” it really was not that bad. Yes there are still struggles but that is life, and this life that I live is just awesome!