Disney’s Frozen

ImageOkay… so having 2 girls that are in love with Disney (and me of course), meant that when Frozen was released it was a must see. We saw it on Black Friday and the only way I can describe this movie is to say that it was AWESOME!

Before we watched it I made sure to read “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson since Frozen is based off of this (I must say it is VERY loosely based off of it). Disney put their magic into this and it has become a success. So far Frozen has grossed $713 million making it the second highest grossing movie behind “The Lion King”, and it hasn’t even been released internationally yet.

It’s more than just an entertaining story as it also includes power packed music. The deluxe soundtrack has even more music that didn’t make the final cut, and it’s just as good! Speaking of the music, the writers are Robert Lopez and Kristen-Anderson Lopez. This is a very talented couple with more than a few accomplishments under their belt. Robert Lopez already won a tony award for the music he wrote for “The Book of Mormon”.

Now I do not want to give to much of the story away (in case you want to see it), all I will say is that it is a great example of how love can change even the hardest heart.

Since we saw this movie my two girls have become just short of obsessed, even right now they’re dancing in the kitchen to the song “Let it Go”. Faith is pretending to be Elsa and Becky is Anna.

Disney World currently has meet and greets for these two princesses. Lines have been reported to take as long as 5 hours! If you are planningImage a vacation to Disney, and Anna and Elsa are a must, I would recommend planning on arriving at the park right when they open (Epcot opens at 9 a.m. – they are in the Norway pavilion). The greet currently does not begin until 11 but be warned that people start lining up at 9. When we went down I dropped my Dad off at 9:20 to wait in line; when we arrived at 10:30 they were already lining up for the 1:00 showing! This worked great for us as we were 4th in line and did not have to wait that long (as for my dad he planned ahead and brought a book).

This movie has been such a success that the CEO of Disney, Bob Igner, during an interview with Fortune magazine, announced that a Broadway musical is in the works. The movie is still in theaters!

The Frozen craze has officially begun. Are you joining it?