Dance Class


Becky has dance class every Friday and she loves it! Now of course a class that is in the middle of a weekday there are all stay at home moms there. This was never a problem up until recently when I no longer fit the description. So I bring my Kindle and read while she is in dance, but today I couldn’t help but over hear the conversations that were happening around me, they all had to do with their husbands and kids.

Now this got me wondering why do we as women define ourselves as wives and mothers before anything else? I know I did this and now I am trying to change that, sure I am a mom but being a mom is not all I am. I thought I was a great wife and then that ended. I wanted to ask these women what else they like to do, what are their hobbies, interests?

These are things I would of never asked myself but now that I have times when my children are not with me it makes me wonder what do I really want (at least when their are no kids around) and it is really nice to think that being a mom doesn’t have to define my whole entire life that I can be something else to.

Now I tried to talk to one of these moms a few weeks ago and when I mentioned that I was going through a divorce and was a stay at home mom so returning to work was necessary the tone of the conversation changed completely. And we haven’t spoken since.

So at dance class I will continue to bring my Kindle and read while all the other moms converse amongst themselves.


I can do this, I swear!


Okay so I am lucky enough to live in one of the northeast states that is going to be hit with the blizzard tonight through Wednesday. I grew up here, I really don’t mind snow. To me winter without snow just isn’t right. Also living where I do we loose power A LOT I have learned how to manage my house with no electricity and with no heat. This is the first big storm that I will be handling as a single mom, and trust me I got this!

I have had two men in my life already telling me what they think I should do, now thank you very much for your opinion but I promise you I am trying to do whats best for my kids and they will be fine. I understand that in your eyes I have not taken care of myself alone yet that I have always had someone else to lean on, well you need to understand that, that is no longer an option for me and I have not crumbled. I know what a blizzard is I have grown up here I know the roads will be closed I know we might loose power but what I also know is by Thursday latest I will be able to get out. The roads will be clear; hell, Faith will probably be back in school by then!

So please trust me when I say I got this.