Mickey moving

For the past 3 weeks I have been in the process of moving, I recently bought a house with my parents and we are in the process of renovating the basement into an apartment. Hopefully the work will be completed by next weekend and then I can officially move. Life as been hectic with all the packing and bringing boxes over to the new house. In my kitchen I have exactly I frying pan, 1 pot, 1 baking dish and 1 casserole dish. We have been eating off of paper plates and I am constantly doing dishes because I only left out 1 cup for each of the girls and 2 for me.

In short I am ready to move.

Just the other morning Faith spilled her bowl of cereal in the living room, not a big deal. I got some paper towels and cleaned it up, after that I went to get my swiffer so I could clean the floor well I had the swiffer but I did not have the pads that go with it, they were at the new house! (Not sure what the logic behind packing those away was…)

Last night I was at the house and I actually began putting away some of my kitchen items, it was exciting and sad at the same time. I am leaving the only home my kids have known the home where the both took their first steps, the home that they love. But I am excited to think of the new memories that are going to be made at the new house. It is a blank slate and that is so nice!

Now if I could just have all my stuff in one place…..


Double Edge Sword

Okay so here I sit on a Sat night in a quite house….. yup that’s right my house is actually quiet! No I did not get my kids to bed early they are with their dad. It has been about 4 weeks since they spent a night with him. This feels almost like the first weekend all over again.

I will say it is not as bad because I know tomorrow I will have them home again. But it still hurts.

So I solider on, I am moving next week so packing needs to be done and you know what I just bought myself a ticket to go see Cinderella! So yes it hurts but it is also good to get a break (now I just have to get used to the deafening silence!)

Hope you are having a good weekend!