Getting a little bit Stronger

Okay so in short this whole process is a roller coaster ride! Well actually more like the Tower of Terror with a nice rise and a dramatic drop, today was an awesome day!! I woke up and was happy as the day went on I did get a little discouraged because I found out the job I have been offered would require me to work a 4 pm to 8 pm shift which means I would only see Faith before school. I was not happy about this, so I went out and applied for some more jobs. Now on my way to fill out an application somewhere I drove past a floral shop that actually had a sign out front “Now hiring part time Floral Designer” Okay, for me this is exactly what I was looking for and I had an extra resume on hand!!!

So after I applied for the original job I stopped by the floral shop, now in a few months I will be moving and this shop is literally 2 minutes from my new house. I went in and the owner wasn’t there but I talked to the lead florist, gave him my resume and he told me to call tomorrow to follow up. Now I am nervous because I do have experience in floral design but not as much as some other people, I am damn good at making arrangements and I think if I can land an interview that I can get the job. ┬áHere are some examples of my work:

Bridal Shower Centerpiece froebelwedding-060-hi-resfroebelwedding-140-hi-res

I would love to get a job that I can put my children to bed at night, it is a hard transition going from a stay at home mom of 6 years to a working mom and student. I am also venturing outside of Floral Design (because there are so few jobs available) and am trying to get into a bank teller position. The hours for this are better and the pay is decent, it will be more of a drive but at this point I could care less!

Once I got down from the high of applying for 3 really good jobs I had to deal with the fact that I am still alone. Now I know today that even if my ex was to tell me he wanted to work it out I would say no. In just the last 6 weeks I have turned into a women that I never knew existed, so when I say I am lonely I just mean that I miss having a connection with someone. When I come home at night it is just me and the girls and there is no one to talk about my day. I wish I could come home and tell someone how awesome of a day I had! I know in time this will get better, I am in a adjustment period and lets face it I have very little adult interaction in my day to day life. I think once I get a job that will help.

I would not wish divorce on anyone but in my case things are looking up and it feels really good to see that!