Mommy I Want To Be A Princess

The other day I was driving with my 2 girls while we were in the car my youngest (Becky) asked me if she was a “real princess” I told her that to me she is but no really is not because she does not have a kingdom to rule over. Then she asmer485858SMALLked how to become a “real princess” I told her that she would need to marry a Prince one day to which she replied “Mommy I will marry a real prince  and become a real princess” She is only 3, and my first thought was go ahead if that is your dream then you try.

Now I know today a lot of people feel that we tell our children who they should be; we tell girls that they should be housewives and boys that they need to take care of money. I do not agree with this, both of my girls have been raised the same way with a mixture of toys from kitchens to trucks and they have each developed their own identity.

Fancy Nancy My youngest is the biggest girly girl that you can meet; she always has to have a tutu on (think Fancy Nancy) and my oldest; yes she likes to be girly however she also plays soccer and has more fun playing with boys than she does with girls. Now my children were raised the same way (I actually have no idea where Becky’s princess style came from) and yet they are very different. One day I can see Becky being content as a stay at home mom while Faith is saving lives as a doctor with no time for a family.

We do not decide who are children will be they decide that, we just need to support them (even if they want to be a “real princess”).