You did what?!?


I love movies and always have, especially Disney movies.

When my ex first left the new Hunger Games movie had just come out, I have read all the books and up to that point had seen the first and second movie, seeing #3 was a must. The problem was I found myself newly single, now at the time I was very insecure about going to a movie alone but damn it I really wanted to see it so I sucked it up and went (alone).

You know what? I had fun!! A few days later when my mom and dad found out they actually felt bad for me! My mom was wondering why I didn’t call her and she assumed that going to the movies alone was not good for me.

So tonight again there was a movie out that I wanted to see; Cinderella. I don’t have kids and my packing is going along really well so I figured I would go see it, again alone. And I have to say that I had a great time, not only was it a really good movie but it was nice to spend time with just myself doing something that I wanted to do.

So yes I go to the movies alone and let me say that you should give it a try, it’s really fun!


Double Edge Sword

Okay so here I sit on a Sat night in a quite house….. yup that’s right my house is actually quiet! No I did not get my kids to bed early they are with their dad. It has been about 4 weeks since they spent a night with him. This feels almost like the first weekend all over again.

I will say it is not as bad because I know tomorrow I will have them home again. But it still hurts.

So I solider on, I am moving next week so packing needs to be done and you know what I just bought myself a ticket to go see Cinderella! So yes it hurts but it is also good to get a break (now I just have to get used to the deafening silence!)

Hope you are having a good weekend!