Trip to Disney (again)!

ImageOkay well In September I will once again be visiting Disney World! All of our reservations are made and now it is just time to wait. I must say I am excited to go at this time of the year, historically September is the least busy month to go to Disney so that means the crowds will be lower than what I am used to. Also I will get to see the Halloween decorations and I am also going to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! This party is new for me and I am very much looking forward to it. We will be gone from the 7th to the 16th and are going to have a total of 8 park days which is the most I have ever had.

My girls are going to have makeovers at the Bibbidi Bop Boutique and the Pirates League. Becky will be a princess (she is the Bibbidi Bop Boutique) and Faith is planning on being a mermaid from the Pirates League.


One of the best perks of this trip is my husband is coming! This means my parents will watch the girls one morning so my husband and I can take the Keys to the Kingdom tour and one night so we can have a date night. For our date night we are going to Epcot and eating in the London Pavilion my hope is we can get a patio seat so we can view Illuminations from our table.

There are a lot of firsts for me on this trip, 1) seeing Illuminations 2) seeing Fantasmic! 3) Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party and 4) Keys to the Kingdom tour. Also when we are down there we will get to see the new day time parade Festival of Fantasy.

I am very excited to be able to have this experience again and also to be able to experience new things!

What are your favorite things to do while in Disney World?



Christianity the Best and Worst Thing to Happen to Me.


Christianity: the Best and Worst thing to happen to me

At one point in my life I would have proudly stood up and shouted, “I am a Christian”! This was before my Christianity fell apart.

Today, I know I still believe in God, but when I think of how my Christianity has played out I have to admit that finding my faith was the best and the worst thing to ever happen to me. When I became a Christian I was recovering from some really bad stuff, and this stuff was killing me. Finding Christianity felt like the weight I was carrying on my shoulders was gone. The scripture from Matthew 11:30 came true for me: “My yoke is easy my burden light”.

Fast forward to today: I’m not struggling with the same things I was 8 years ago, but now I struggle with Christianity. I cannot jive my initial “experience” from when I first became a believer with what the Bible teaches. I also cannot pretend that there aren’t hard and horrible things in the Bible, which I cannot accept. I know many Christians who would say by not accepting these I’m creating a “God of my own liking”… I really don’t care if that’s what they think. People can believe what they want if that’s what makes them feel better. Have fun.

The first time I picked up the Bible after I became a believer, it felt like it was alive. I had read it before and never understood it, but at that moment it all made perfect sense to me. I had full confidence the Bible was right and was God’s word to us. I miss those days.

As the years have gone by and I’ve  become more educated in what the Bible teaches, I’m left wondering if I will ever be able to accept this book as inerrant again, or if I will have to hold onto a more liberal understanding of it in order to keep it in my life.

Once your eyes are opened to the truth it is hard to turn away, which is why I’m stuck here today. I feel like the God of mainstream Christianity is the truth, but the God of the Bible is not. If I’m to be real with myself then I have to admit that I want Christianity to be true because I’m afraid to imagine a world without it, not because I see what is in the Bible and believe it.

This has by far been the best and worst experience of my life.