You did what?!?


I love movies and always have, especially Disney movies.

When my ex first left the new Hunger Games movie had just come out, I have read all the books and up to that point had seen the first and second movie, seeing #3 was a must. The problem was I found myself newly single, now at the time I was very insecure about going to a movie alone but damn it I really wanted to see it so I sucked it up and went (alone).

You know what? I had fun!! A few days later when my mom and dad found out they actually felt bad for me! My mom was wondering why I didn’t call her and she assumed that going to the movies alone was not good for me.

So tonight again there was a movie out that I wanted to see; Cinderella. I don’t have kids and my packing is going along really well so I figured I would go see it, again alone. And I have to say that I had a great time, not only was it a really good movie but it was nice to spend time with just myself doing something that I wanted to do.

So yes I go to the movies alone and let me say that you should give it a try, it’s really fun!


Trip to Disney (again)!

ImageOkay well In September I will once again be visiting Disney World! All of our reservations are made and now it is just time to wait. I must say I am excited to go at this time of the year, historically September is the least busy month to go to Disney so that means the crowds will be lower than what I am used to. Also I will get to see the Halloween decorations and I am also going to attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! This party is new for me and I am very much looking forward to it. We will be gone from the 7th to the 16th and are going to have a total of 8 park days which is the most I have ever had.

My girls are going to have makeovers at the Bibbidi Bop Boutique and the Pirates League. Becky will be a princess (she is the Bibbidi Bop Boutique) and Faith is planning on being a mermaid from the Pirates League.


One of the best perks of this trip is my husband is coming! This means my parents will watch the girls one morning so my husband and I can take the Keys to the Kingdom tour and one night so we can have a date night. For our date night we are going to Epcot and eating in the London Pavilion my hope is we can get a patio seat so we can view Illuminations from our table.

There are a lot of firsts for me on this trip, 1) seeing Illuminations 2) seeing Fantasmic! 3) Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party and 4) Keys to the Kingdom tour. Also when we are down there we will get to see the new day time parade Festival of Fantasy.

I am very excited to be able to have this experience again and also to be able to experience new things!

What are your favorite things to do while in Disney World?


Disney’s Frozen

ImageOkay… so having 2 girls that are in love with Disney (and me of course), meant that when Frozen was released it was a must see. We saw it on Black Friday and the only way I can describe this movie is to say that it was AWESOME!

Before we watched it I made sure to read “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Anderson since Frozen is based off of this (I must say it is VERY loosely based off of it). Disney put their magic into this and it has become a success. So far Frozen has grossed $713 million making it the second highest grossing movie behind “The Lion King”, and it hasn’t even been released internationally yet.

It’s more than just an entertaining story as it also includes power packed music. The deluxe soundtrack has even more music that didn’t make the final cut, and it’s just as good! Speaking of the music, the writers are Robert Lopez and Kristen-Anderson Lopez. This is a very talented couple with more than a few accomplishments under their belt. Robert Lopez already won a tony award for the music he wrote for “The Book of Mormon”.

Now I do not want to give to much of the story away (in case you want to see it), all I will say is that it is a great example of how love can change even the hardest heart.

Since we saw this movie my two girls have become just short of obsessed, even right now they’re dancing in the kitchen to the song “Let it Go”. Faith is pretending to be Elsa and Becky is Anna.

Disney World currently has meet and greets for these two princesses. Lines have been reported to take as long as 5 hours! If you are planningImage a vacation to Disney, and Anna and Elsa are a must, I would recommend planning on arriving at the park right when they open (Epcot opens at 9 a.m. – they are in the Norway pavilion). The greet currently does not begin until 11 but be warned that people start lining up at 9. When we went down I dropped my Dad off at 9:20 to wait in line; when we arrived at 10:30 they were already lining up for the 1:00 showing! This worked great for us as we were 4th in line and did not have to wait that long (as for my dad he planned ahead and brought a book).

This movie has been such a success that the CEO of Disney, Bob Igner, during an interview with Fortune magazine, announced that a Broadway musical is in the works. The movie is still in theaters!

The Frozen craze has officially begun. Are you joining it?

Christmas at Disney!


So in 6 days I am heading to Disney World! While there I will be visiting all the parks eating at different restaurants and attending the Christmas Party, this is something I am very excited for. This trip it will be myself both my girls and my parents (my husband gets to sit this one out) my children are beyond excited, last year at Christmas they received the Disney World Monorail, and last night after our tree was up we put it under the tree and they have not stopped playing with it.

I know an adult going to Disney and loving it may seem silly but for me there is nothing like walking in the park and forgetting about life outside of the Fantasy that Disney built. This is going to be a very enjoyable trip as my girls are going to have princess makeovers in the castle and then eat lunch with the princesses, also as the girls get older they are now able to enjoy what the park has more. My 5 year old is big enough to actually ride on every ride (even though she won’t) and my youngest it now at the age where she can really interact with the characters. For me and my family Disney is a magical place, and the perfect way to start off the Christmas holiday!